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  1. My Only Suggestion

    1. difficulty change the hp of mob and dmg of mob not spawn rate. 2. more difficulty more lag. 3. difficulty now is normal not easy and always was normal. anything else?
  2. In-Game-Name JeffTheMosse Reason Stealing in claimed land Date 04/2/2018 Duration 6 Days (reduce 1 day after returning 10% of the stolen stuff. cant return it all.)
  3. In-Game-Name GoQuality Reason Advertising Date 03/31/2018 Duration Permanent
  4. Server?

    when you are in the lobby you get an item in your first slot, right click on it and it give you game selection. press the one you want to join and you are in. enjoy and welcome.
  5. In-Game-Name smolsnek Reason Adveristing name + ip Date 03/28/2018 Duration Permanent
  6. Hi everyone. I want to say to Anas welcome to the staff family, Anas from now on jrhelper. if someone want to say something feel free to Congratulations!

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