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  1. BloodFallen Guild

    you missed porielle
  2. Maximizing guilds

    Guild ??? how can we maximize guild? 1. pls add guild benefits, make more buyables in alchemy, example we could buy mcmmo or jobs multiplier for a certain time using donated materials. 2. Add weekly guild tournaments, perhaps we could get something useful, rare item, keys, or huge in-game money. 3. same with a weekly tournament, there must be a reward to guild wars, - for pvp benefits, instead of 0 gold earned, make it a random money. 4. the bugs, suppose we could use buy alchemy when in war, - horse bug, when you buy it from alchemy, you could get a horse with a diamond armor and a saddle, but, its not tamed and the saddle and armor are gone, will update when found something interesting. Support this topic #more headache to the owner

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