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      Here you'll find all the rules and guidelines to follow while posting on the forum.
      Please note that these rules may be variable exactly like the rules in game which means that the punishments will depend on the case.
      Note also that the punishment are meant to be related to the forum only and not in game.

      The following list is a set of actions that will be punished with a warn for the first offence, tempban for the second offence and depending on the case with a permanent ban on the third or fourth offence: Swearing, spamming, flooding Being disrespectful Starting flame wars Sharing private info (yours or not) Commenting after a staff member said to not to "Closing" or "solving" reports if you're not staff Excessive use of CAPS or emojis Necroposting. (Necroposting is the act of commenting a post that is not receiving replies since a long period of time with the intent of bumping and bringing it in frontpage again) Abusing the "report" function of the forum Asking for rankups
      The following list is a set of actions that will be punished with a straight ban/tempban (depending on the case): Sharing inappropriate links Advertising Highly racist / inappropriate content Faking evidence in reports / ban appeals Spamming the forum with a lot of posts in a relatively short amount of time

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  4. Not a ingame bug, but...

    When voting in https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/413838/vote/ the page give back a msg of "Syntax error" (see picture). Can it be amended?
  5. Discord what?

    Hello, what's all that with "Discord" and why i can't enter in the server? Thanks MX
  6. *

    Sorry... dupplicated post
  7. Ayy lmao Unban me already

    Yow, I dont have any servers to go now just unban me real quick. pwetty please
  8. How do I edit my application?

    I just replied to myself
  9. I recently sent an application for helper but I forgot to put my in-game name, TheChaos, in it. Can I edit this in?
  10. New Rankup System in survival

    pleaese i want YoUTube rank i love your server
  11. Command: /ranks,/rank,/rankup | to open rank GUI! /ar view prereq <rank> | to view the prerequisites /ar time | to view your PlayTime /ar track <number> | view your progress Apprentice: prerequisites: world: value: survival requirements: money: value: 10000 blocks broken: value: 500 blocks placed: value: 100 total time: value: 1h players killed: value: 1 mcmmo power level: value: 50 jobs total points: value: 60 Warrior: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: apprentice requirements: money: value: 30000 blocks broken: value: 1500 blocks placed: value: 500 total time: value: 3h players killed: value: 5 mcmmo power level: value: 70 jobs total points: value: 80 Elite: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: warrior requirements: money: value: 75000 blocks broken: value: 2000 blocks placed: value: 1000 total time: value: 8h players killed: value: 10 mcmmo power level: value: 90 jobs total points: value: 100 Master: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: elite requirements: money: value: 225000 blocks broken: value: 3000 blocks placed: value: 1500 total time: value: 15h votes: value: 24 players killed: value: 20 mcmmo power level: value: 200 jobs total points: value: 200 Grandmaster: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: Master requirements: money: value: 675000 blocks broken: value: 4500 blocks placed: value: 2000 total time: value: 24h players killed: value: 30 mcmmo power level: value: 300 jobs total points: value: 300 Epic: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: grandmaster requirements: money: value: 2000000 blocks broken: value: 6500 blocks placed: value: 4000 total time: value: 48h players killed: value: 50 mcmmo power level: value: 400 jobs total points: value: 400 Legend: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: Epic requirements: money: value: 5000000 blocks broken: value: 8000 blocks placed: value: 6000 total time: value: 72h players killed: value: 80 mcmmo power level: value: 500 jobs total points: value: 500 Mythic: prerequisites: world: value: survival in group: value: legend requirements: money: value: 7000000 blocks broken: value: 11000 blocks placed: value: 10000 total time: value: 144h players killed: value: 800 mcmmo power level: value: 600 jobs total points: value: 600
  12. About Staff Application

    I don't see any point making it public towards anyone. Though yes you can say that we don't have to worry about it getting copied but it will give ideas to other players what to put in the staff application. Be original and fill-up the staff application with all your heart and honestly.
  13. About Staff Application

    I might be quite new here. But i'm experienced in minecraft in-game nor forum. The Staff application should make for public so other people can see who's applying. Not to mention this server is not big yet. So, it would be nice to see other people staff application. And don't worry about they might copy the staff app. We can easily spot a copy cat.
  14. Hello, I am Abyssmaster. I am from Malaysia! Feel free to chat with me or play with me on the server! I mainly play Skyblock :x

  15. Forgot Password

    Hello, My brother forgot his password for the account with the IGN (spren11). I would like to request for a password removal. The only detail I could provide to prove ownership is that the account (spren11) has no high tier weapons like diamonds or even iron. Also, both my account and his shares the same public IP (Our home's public IP). Thank you.
  16. My Only Suggestion

    1. difficulty change the hp of mob and dmg of mob not spawn rate. 2. more difficulty more lag. 3. difficulty now is normal not easy and always was normal. anything else?
  17. In-Game-Name JeffTheMosse Reason Stealing in claimed land Date 04/2/2018 Duration 6 Days (reduce 1 day after returning 10% of the stolen stuff. cant return it all.)
  18. My Only Suggestion

    Agreed, increasing the difficulty of the game (server) does not affect the spawn rate of the hostile mobs. According to the MineCraft Gamepedia, In Normal Difficulty, Hostile mobs spawn will deal standard damage. The hunger bar can deplete and will leave the player with 1 if it drains completely. Villagers killed by zombies have a 50% chance of turning into a zombie villager.
  19. My Only Suggestion

    Just a question tho, I've read that the difficulty doesn't affect the spawn rate of mobs? I'm not sure tho, but with this being implemented, it will be a good one as this will give way to different kinds of mobs spawning which newbies don't encounter because they don't have spawners for it.
  20. In-Game-Name GoQuality Reason Advertising Date 03/31/2018 Duration Permanent
  21. Server?

    when you are in the lobby you get an item in your first slot, right click on it and it give you game selection. press the one you want to join and you are in. enjoy and welcome.
  22. Server?

    Hi there, Just wondering if the server is being updated or is down, or if we're supposed to be logging in differently? There are no portals into the games when it loads the lobby area with game selection... I'm really new to playing this online so maybe I've missed something. Thanks, Jennie
  23. Add More plugin In RPG Survival:

    Please make more plugins at RPG Recommended plugins: Bending Plugin(Makes the pvp better w/o armor or wepons) Drinks plugin(when u drink a any type of drink it will affect your movements and ur language) (In lobby)Cosmetic Plugin (Gadjets) Ore Generator Plugin (where when u build a cobble gen it will give u chances of getting any kinds of ores) =========================================================================== Minigames: Recommended Minigames: Murder Mystery Hide and Seek The Lab Egg Wars Bedwars Build battle Sky block ...and much much more
  24. Modded Survival?

    Umm Modded Survival with mods like Orespawn
  25. Update!

    Waiting for hunger games!
  26. In-Game-Name smolsnek Reason Adveristing name + ip Date 03/28/2018 Duration Permanent
  27. Welcome Anas to staff member!

    Welcome Anas
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